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My name is Kim Rodela and I am running for Highland City Council. I have been a resident of Highland, Utah for 8 years and love living here! We moved here because of the great location, open space, and large lots. I'm committed to keeping Highland how we all envisioned it to be. I have a Masters in Public Administration and was a former Budget Analyst for the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. I’m skilled at developing financial budgets in the government sector. I can determine areas where we need to increase revenue and areas where costs can be cut. Currently, I am an Executive Director of a Non-profit, PTA Treasurer, and most importantly wife and mother to 4 great kids. I know that my background and skills can be used to Build a Better Highland Together.

We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.

- Thomas Jefferson 


I'm committed to coming to council meetings prepared. I will read the reports, visit sites, and look at all angles before making a decision.


As an elected official I believe in representing what the majority of Highland residents want, not my personal opinion.  When the people elect a representative, they should first and foremost take in to account the discussions and needs of the citizens. 


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