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Where I Stand on Issues

Open Space Fee and Trails

Highland City currently has 18 Open Space Communities.  Residents in these areas currently pay $20 a month to help maintain neighborhood parks, trails, and green space.  I am committed to have an honest conversation with residents to understand their concerns.  I primarily want to make sure the open space fee is fair and equal for all Highland City residents.  I want to reopen what constitutes an open space park versus a city park.  I also am in favor for the new budget to include more money dedicated to the maintenance of trails.  This will come from the increase of revenue generated from the Utah County Tax Assessment.

Communication and Transparency

I will work hard on informing citizens on upcoming issues and changes taking place in our city.  I’m an advocate for social media, emails, and newsletters to get information across.  I will work with city staff to update and redesign the city website to make it easier for residents to navigate information .  I will make it more accessible to track how your dollars are spent.

I also support all new builds and new move-ins receiving information packets on city ordinances and information so they aren’t faced with any surprise violations.  Communication is key to understanding how our city runs and the expectations of its residents.

Planning and Zoning

Residential:  One of the main things I love about Highland is the large lots and low-density housing.  In the recent survey sent out to our residents an overwhelming majority agree.  As a City Council member I will vote to stick with the General Plan and not changing zoning to appease developers.  Let’s Keep Highland Highland! 

Commercial:  We are a growing city and need to develop our commercial growth to match our residential growth.  I am for responsible development of commercial property.  Select areas along SR-92 and Lone Peak High are being proposed for commercial property.  I support these areas for commercial growth.  I also support not having commercial development build in residential areas.  Highland is one of the safest areas to raise a family and I feel that commercial traffic going down residential streets will lead away from the safety we should expect.


As a former Budget Analyst for the Governor’s Office I have experience in managing large government budgets.  I am skilled in finding unique ways to decrease expenses and increase revenues that people with private sector financial experience do not have.

The City’s money is your hard earned money pay.  It is the City Council’s responsibility to make sure it is being used wisely.  I will always look for ways to cut expenses.  At the same time, I believe in being proactive in maintaining our City.  I don’t believe in pushing off much needed projects just to have to pay even more money down the road to fix the problem.